Allmax Agmatine Sulfate, 34g

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ALLMAX Nutrition - Agmatine Sulfate - Nitric Oxide + Perpetual Pump

  • Increases endurance + Enhances performance
  • Aids in Decreasing body fat
  • Modulates Nitric Oxide Levels
  • Improves Body Composition
  • Supports a Healthy Stress Response

Vascularity, Blood Volume, Pump

Among body builders, Agmatine has become legendary for its ability to produce long lasting pumps.

Agmatine has dual functions:

A) Selective inhibition of the enzyme that breaks down Nitric Oxide – the result, increased (NO) Nitric Oxide.

B) The direct stimulation of NO. With increased NO you create an environment for increased nutrient delivery, improved metabolic waste removal, and most importantly, increased overall performance.

Research suggests that Agmatine is unique in that it stimulates eNOS while limiting the iNOS and eNOS. This is a very important difference for those of us looking for increases in vascularity, increase blood flow and volume.

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