ANS Performance Prophecy, 20 servings

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ANS Performance Prophecy Ultimate Pre Workout is now available.

ANS PROPHECY is the ultimate professional grade pre workout supplement. 

Clinically dosed and designed for an unparalleled experience of limitless energy, endless endurance, prophetic muscle pumps, raw power and visionary focus.

ANS Prophecy is truly an advanced pre workout supplement that instantly delivers powerful euphoric energy coupled with an incredible mind-muscle connection. Unlike the average pre workout, Prophecy is loaded with powerful ingredients of the highest quality and potency (no fillers or creatine), to propel you to your next PR.

ANS Prophecy Ultimate Pre Workout Key Features and Benefits:

  • Clinically dosed professional grade pre-workout designed for unparalleled performance
  • Loaded with exclusive & patented ingredients
  • Boost power & endurance with PEAKO2 (1st in CANADA)
  • LIMITLESS energy surge with caffeine, Teacrine and NOOTROPIC powerhouse MagicLion
  • Explosive power and mind-blowing muscle pumps
  • No artificial colours and zero sugar
  • 20 delicious FULL servings per container


ANS Prophecy Ultimate Pre Workout Supplement features

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Oliver k.

Before taking prophecy i benched 60 after taking it i bench 200kg Potencial side effects - levitation - godly like abilities - absorbing lightning - GOD MODE

I half scoop and it smashes me!

I've been stimming on and off for years, and this pre is way up there. From previous use of Rave, I know how I react with the "Magic Lion" (if I'm tired it's brilliant at waking me up like l no other) but if I'm not, tired, I get a great stim pick up. However, unlike Rave, this has Beta Alanine in i which in my opinion makes it a complete pre-workout excellent!


Prophecy has definitely made a huge impact on the early morning cardio and evening workouts after work when I am exhausted. No weird jitters just intense training focus and energy

Brandy D.

Tastes great, no crash, no jitters, intense focus!

Go to pre-workout

One of the best pre’s I’ve ever used. Great energy and pumps. Workouts have been at an all time best since using it. Would recommend to anyone looking to step up thwir workouts

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