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Mammoth Supplements Meal All In One Premium Superfood now available

Mammoth Meal is designed as an all-in-one superfood shake that like a lot of other supplements in the meal category features a balanced mix of protein, carbs, and fat. The formula behind the product is gluten, soy, and peanut free, apparently easy to digest, and has no artificial colors or dyes.


Mammoth Meal contains a unique & powerful blend of three proteins named Tri-Pro which is formulated to optimize both immediate and sustained amino acid release for optimal recovery. The first two proteins in Mammoth MEAL include, Whey Protein Concentrate and Micellar Casein, which are both sustained release proteins. Milk Protein Isolate is the third protein used in the Tri-Pro blend and it provides a source of quickly absorbed proteins.


MEAL Whole Crabs

The Mammoth MEAL C.A.R.B* complex is a premium, whole food & organic based carbohydrate blend designed to maximize sustained energy levels with the perfect blend of low glycemic carbohydrates. You won't find cheap sugar spiking carb sources such as dextrose in this formulation. Refer to the 'What is in Mammoth MEAL' ingredient list section on this brochure for more details.
*C.A.R.B. = Carbohydrate Assimilation Regeneration Blend


MEAL Healthy Fats


MEAL provides healthy fats from a vast array of whole food sources as well as technologically advanced sources such as MCT’s**. These fats provide amazing cardiovascular health benefits and sustained energy levels throughout the day. Refer to the 'What is in Mammoth MEAL' ingredient list section on this brochure for more details.
**MCT = Medium Chain Triglycerides


Dosing will vary from person to person. Factors such as age, weight, height & activity level all need to be considered but because Mammoth MEAL is essentially a superfood, it is safe to use in most scenarios.
The following doses are only recommendations ***

When to use #1: Mammoth MEAL is an excellent first meal of the day. The quick convenience of Meal will ensure you never miss breakfast again!
How much to use #1 : Adults 2-4 scoops, Teens 2-3 scoops.

When to use #2: Mammoth MEAL has the ideal protein, carb, fat ratio for your post workout shake. Consume immediately after your workout to help repair muscle tissue and retain lean muscle mass.
How much to use #2: Adults 2-4 scoops, Teens 2-3 scoops.

When to use #3: Mammoth MEAL can be used in between meals throughout the day to ensure you do not miss out on consistent fuel needed to recover and grow new muscle tissue. No time to eat every 3 hours? No problem! Mammoth MEAL is a quick and convenient way to get the protein carbs and fats you need. 
How much to use #4: Adults 3-4 scoops, Teens 2-3 scoops (add one scoop if you are completely replacing a main meal).

When to use #4: Mammoth MEAL is ideal for athletes young and old, who need the proper fuel in-between and after sporting events. Perform at your best each and every day with Mammoth MEAL.
How much to use #5: Adults 3-4 scoops, Teens 2-3 scoops.

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