Redcon1 MRE Bars, 12/Bars

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Redcon1 Meal Replacement Bar Made of Real Food!
  • Real, whole food sources
  • Delicious, dessert like flavors
  • Formulated to help repair and recover muscle tissue
  • No whey - just whole food proteins


Just when you didn’t think MRE could get any better we upped our game with MRE Bar. This real food bar will change your outlook on bars forever. The days of heavy sugar alcohols and whey protein added to your bars are long gone. Just like with the powdered MRE, the bar contains only real food sources which won’t upset your stomach, cause cramping, or give you unwanted gas.*

The Macros

A lot of bars on the shelf at the store have excess amounts of sugar ranging from 15g and even above 20g per bar! A snack or meal replacement that’s healthy limits your sugar intake and doesn’t bring it to excess. Not only that, there’s usually a ton of carbs and low protein or just a huge imbalance in the macro count with a messed-up nutrition panel. The MRE bar has a meager 6g of sugar with a healthy ratio 29g of carbohydrates and 20g of protein that’s balanced with 9g of fats. These macro counts are perfect to fuel your workout without a drastic insulin spike and perform at your best. Packing only 260 total calories per bar, it’s the perfect snack size meal while on the go, or pre-workout, that’s loaded with proper nutrition made from real food and won’t make you feel overfull.*

The Texture

Bars can be pretty gross when they’re all chewy and one big block of toffee rather than looking like appetizing food. Nobody wants to wear their snack on their fingers because it’s sticky or have a bar that’s too hard to break apart, difficult to chew and gets stuck in your teeth. A meal replacement bar should feel like eating food! The MRE Bar easily breaks apart with an amazing food-like texture that’s pleasant to chew. MRE Bar looks like real food, tastes like real food and chews like real food.*

Made From Real Food

When eating a meal replacement, you should be eating real food. Just like MRE powder, MRE Bar is made from real food! A lot of bars have artificial main ingredients – who wants to eat ingredients that you can’t even pronounce the name of? Unlike the rest of the bars on the shelf, MRE Bar has ingredients like oats, salmon, chicken, eggs, brown rice and sweet potato. These ingredients give the MRE bar an amazing taste, unmatched flavor and the nutrition that gives you sustained energy throughout the day.*

The Taste

Just like the shake, the MRE Bar is absolutely delicious in any flavor. There is no guess work when it comes to flavors – you know what you’re eating as soon as it hits your tongue. Unlike other bars, MRE Bar is true to flavor name and what you read is what you get. MRE Bar is like having dessert for a snack, but with real whole food and the macros you need to fit your day.*

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Donna M.
Canada Canada
I recommend this product
Yes I would definitely order again

Yes I will order these protein bars again. I do miss the other protein bars I order Warrior coconut They are my favourite I tried them when you sent me a sample I do miss not going into the store to try different things

Dr B.
Canada Canada
I recommend this product

These are by far the best tasting protein bars I’ve ever had and I’ve been eating protein bars over 15 years plus the taste and the texture is amazing plus low in sugar too! To the lady that left a bad review because you have to be refrigerate them ***** it’s because it’s made of real food that’s why you have to refrigerate it smh with your stooooopid review!

aylin a.
Canada Canada
I recommend this product
Redcon MRE Bars

I don't particularly like this snack. it's way too sweet for me and you'd have to refrigerate it. I have bought it 1 month ago and I believe I have had 3 of them so far

Donna M.
Canada Canada
Very good, I even have my mom eating fgem

Very good Seem to order same very rime

silvio f.
Canada Canada
MRE bar

Chocolate chip cookie dough excellent

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